The White Hag (IE)

Yule Ale

34,00 DKK

Slight notes of honey shine through this beautifully rich malt bill giving hints of spice from the ginger, cinnamon and rye malts blended with light caramel and finishing slightly sweet. A complex malt body with the mild aroma of cinnamon and honey dominating on top of a light nuttiness.
Anchored around the Winter Solstice on December 21st, Yule represented the death and rebirth of the Sun. Lugh was the infamous Sun God who would die annually to be reborn at Yule to marry Éiru,who personified Ireland. So, a new sun meant new life for the Irish people. This traditional ale is rich and malty, brewed with honey, fresh cinnamon and ginger. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the longest night of the year. A Holiday classic brought to life here in Ireland. We have taken a rich malty Red Ale, added honey, ginger, and cinnamon, and boosted the ABV a little to warm you up around the holidays. The result is a well balanced, medium bodied, malty spiced ale brewed to be drank not only on the holidays but for the coming years.

Alkohol: 7,2%

33 cl

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